Introducing BitNotifier

I love bitcoins. I think they’re the greatest thing since e-mail. I’ve been kind of hung up on trading over at Mt Gox. However, I hated having to keep an eye on my web browser all of the time. So I decided to write an application that’d show me the last trade price in the system tray.

notification icon

Mission accomplished. Then I wanted some more information, like the high, low, average, current asking price and current buying price. So I made a window to show it to me.

main screen

Hey, neat. But what about when I’m playing video games and can’t see my desktop at all? Well, I have my Logitech G510 (should also work with G15, and G19) for that. If you don’t have one of these amazing keyboards, no worries – the other features still work!

LCD Display

And hey, that’s version 1! A desktop bitcoin market ticker with Logitech keyboard applet support. Here’s a ~2mb download to install it on your pc. I have some plans for future versions, but I was anxious to share what I’ve got so far. Please note this is a really early build. Let me know if you find any bugs.

Update: I added a feature. The icons, text, and led updates when MtGox does not respond for some reason.

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  1. neat indeed. thanks, man

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