BitNotifier 1.2 is out

I’ve taken the feedback given so far and made some tweaks to the software.

Change log

  • Spacing on G19 should be fixed. I don’t have a G19, so some guess work is going into this.
  • Centered the text on the UI.
  • Added volume to the UI.
  • Moved website and donation functionality to the menu bar.
  • Added tabs to the UI.
  • Added a calculator to the UI.


You can download the latest version here.

If you installed a previous version I’m afraid you’ll need to manually uninstall it before you can install this one. I’m looking into why that’s happening and hope to address it in a future release. My plans for the next version are going to be “behind the scenes” improvements which should lead to this project going open source . After that, I’ve got a list of features I’d like to┬áimplement┬áincluding deeper MtGox support, personal wealth tracking, and maybe integration with some of the more popular software miners out there.

Do you want to see a feature that isn’t on my radar yet? Let me know.

3 Responses to “BitNotifier 1.2 is out”

  1. I really like this small program. Thank you for making it.

    Small potential bug: When using the calculator and there are zeros in every box (bitcoins, price, dollars) and the user checks the “Use Latest” box, sometimes the program throws a divide by zero error. On a quick inspection it looks like it is unable to pull the current price, possibly because the program just opened.

    I had a G15 that I wasn’t using that I hooked up just for this program. I don’t leave the window on the desktop open, but if I switch back to my other keyboard, then I probably will.

    • Thanks for pointing out that bug. I know exactly why it’s happening and will address it in the next update. As a work around – well, I think you already found it. Wait 10 seconds after launching the program. Hopefully the new version will be out within a week.

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