How to use your voice when your voice is discouraged

An ounce of preperation is worth a pound of legislation.

Don't wait until you need to act to be ready to act. The time is now. Get ready now.


You're probably aware that your cell phone is useful for so much - it's virtually impossible to accomplish anything without one. But you also know that they're used to track a TON of information about you, and that information can be used against you.

So what do you do? Aquire $100 in cash. Save it over time, pull it from an atm and buy something from a food truck right after, whatever. Give that money to a trusted friend. Have that friend go to a drug store like CVS or Walgreens. They will purchase a $50-$60 Tracphone and a minutes/data card. This is what is known as a "burner phone." You do not want it to be associated with you. Your friend who bought it? They took it camping and lost it.

Do not open the phone. Do not plug it in to charge it. Just put it in a bag. Put that bag in your closet. Forget that it exists, until you need it. When you do need it, leave your real phone at home. Leave with the burner phone. Go somewhere that isn't your home, and activate it. Do not log in to any applications. Do not use biometrics (fingerprint/face id to unlock). Make a phone call, browse the internet, do whatever. Then throw it in a recycling bin.

The minutes do expire, you will need to get a new card periodically. Always use cash. Always have a trusted member of the oppressor class buy it.

Speaking privately

Now you need to be able to communicate with people. Services like Telegram are an ok way to go, but you need to trust corporations to run them well. Because of that, I don't recommend them. I personally like and Signal. For email, I really like Proton Mail (this is a referral link, I get a few months of free service for new subscribers).

All of these tools are legal, free, and safe. Paid versions exist for extra features, and I encourage you to take advantage of them if you can.


You need money for things. If you want to spend money anonymously you want paper currency, cash. If you absolutely must transact online, look into aquiring prepaid credit cards in the same manner you got your burner phone. If that is not an option, avoid the larger cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, litecoin, etc) as they are not anonymous. Instead, look at currencies like zCash. You can purchase zCash on major exchanges. You will need to do research to learn how to use it safely. You will need to sign up for a cryptocurrency exchange, which involves sharing your personal information to satisfy government regulations. For zCash Gemini (this is a referral link, I get $10 if you trade $100) offers the most secure version of the currency, and is probably the right choice. If you can work for cryptocurrency, that is probably an even better way to keep your information safe.

How to join a protest

What to wear:

What to bring:

What to leave at home:

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